I have my Chinese 102 final tomorrow. I’m taking a break from studying right now. I get to update you all after a while, and i get to give my brain a slight rest. Two birds with one stone. Now I just need to switch my brain’s language track back into English at full force. This might take a bit, but I don’t want to get too far away from Chinese. I still need to brush up on my self introduction for the oral part of the final that is in the morning after this.

I was analyzing the amount of Chinese that I now know and weighed it against my knowledge of Spanish. I have come to the conclusion that my level of competency in Chinese and Spanish are about the same. I’m not entirely sure how much Spanish I remember/retained from 3 years in high school and that one semester in college. Chinese, on the other hand, is pretty darn fresh in my mind. But honestly with the amount I can communicate with others (very, very little. 一点点。muy muy pocito.) alongside my ability to grasp an extremely loose grip on what the situation is and what they are saying (provided that the situation is an extremely simplistic one, they are speaking slowly, and I can observe everything around me), I have to say that my Spanish level and Chinese level are about the same at this point.

So, for those of you back home, apologies in advance for the 3 language sentences. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty amusing hearing English, Spanish, and Chinese coming out of my mouth in the same sentence. My brain does a darn good job confusing them. Or I might be looking for a word that I don’t know in the language I happen to be in, so it gives me the word in another language. For example – wo me quiero dormir. My brain keeps mixing up “wo” and “yo”. If it takes me a while to say an extremely simple sentance…This is probably going to be the reason why.

Well, back to my studying. Laterz! (I went through way too many possibilities of saying goodbye…in too many languages. That’s it. Back to Chinese.)