Being Sick

Can I just point out that being sick away from home is terrible? Being sick when out of your home country puts a whole new spin on it all. One of the biggest noticeable differences is the difference in diet. It’s something that you know is there, but it is even more noticeable when you are sick and don’t have access to the foods you would normally eat when sick. I think that would be the thing that I found the biggest issue with being sick over here with my however many hour flu thing. I’m pretty sure it was a 24 hour bug, because I was playing Frisbee on the beach the next day after class. I’m doing fine now. Just an observation about being sick while in another country. Hey, it was better than “the plague” that happened during Mexico Outreach Spring 2011. I was able to stay in my room here. I didn’t have to go to class and got to sleep off the virus in my room. And now I’m better 🙂