What I Consider to be the Beginning

About five years ago, I told God that I wanted to do things his way. I told God that I wanted to obey him – for my choices to reflect his choices for my life. That night my life and the way that I went about it changed. I had no idea what I had just done. There was no way to predict the crazy journey that decision had dumped me on, and I was in no way prepared. Some of the biggest things I have done in my life were because I chose to be obedient. Studying abroad in China for a semester of college was one of those.

I don’t always make the right choices. Sometimes, I have no idea what God wants, especially when he is silent on a topic. I simply have to choose something. Other times, I am willfully disobedient. And as I muddle my way through the consequences, I find myself crawling back to the one I ignored, bruised and beaten, with the words “You were right” on my lips. But he always welcomes me back, no matter how many times I break his heart.

This is an essential piece of who I am and why I am. It is impossible to give you myself in a single blog post or even in a series of blog posts. However, each post is a snapshot. I will be blogging about daily life, mental musings, goals and aspirations, and anything else that brings me to type on my laptop. If that interests you, feel free to jump on in for the ride.