Fair? Ahhh Family :)

Paulo aka Paus (my little brother here in Xiamen) – “I think my teacher is very fair. We get three chances. First chance, you have to stand up. Second chance, you have to stand outside the door by the window looking in. Third chance, you have to stand out by the gate of the school.”

Victoria (his mother, my mom here in Xiamen) – “That does not sound very fair to me!”

Paus – “It is very fair, I think.”


Kristen and I bust up laughing.

A conversation that took place last night when Kristen and I went had dinner with our family. XICF (Xiamen Internation Christian Fellowship) started a program for families to “adopt” a student during their time here. Our family is Pastor Gabe, his wife Victoria, and their two kids – Jaisis who is ten, and Paulo who is six.