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I am a barista, musician, singer, artist, writer, and blogger. I like to dance, and I’m involved in a local community theater. I am a geek, and I have it on fairly good authority that I am weird. I am okay with that. I embrace it. It’s part who I am.

I love God, my family and friends, music, and tea. Coffee is slowly beginning to creep into my life whether I like it or not (how can it not? I’m a barista. I work with coffee all day).

There are lots of stories floating around inside of my brain. My adventures while on the road and at home produce many stories that are filed away, and I have some that are of my own creation in my head as well.

I am learning about life as I go. I’m no expert on life nor do I claim to be. I am horribly indecisive with an overdose of an internalized need to be perfect and for things I do needing to be perfect. I cannot begin to explain how difficult it was for me to even get to this point of creating this blog. But I suppose it is good enough. My therapist would be proud (I hope).

There is so much to see and so much to do. I don’t know where I’m headed. We’ll see where God takes me.


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