I’m home

After the insanity of “living” on three different buses, hopping on and off airplanes, and riding in multiple vehicles this summer, I am finally home. I’m back from all of my travels, and life is finally starting to slow down. After moving so fast for so long, I finally feel like my life is moving at a somewhat regular pace.

Right now, I’m working for my dad on the ranch checking and fixing irrigation equipment. I’m looking for a job, which is difficult, especially in the area I live in. Hopefully something will turn up soon.

I found a yearlong ministry training program in Ireland that I am really interested in participating in. If I apply and I’m accepted, I’ll be leaving in August 2015. The cost of the program is a fair chunk of money, so I need to start saving for it now. It is through a mission’s organization, so most raise their money through support, but I’m tired of asking for money for trips and programs. If I can get a job, then I can work and save the money, hopefully, without having to ask anyone for anything.

I feel like I’m free falling. Anything can happen. Nothing is set in stone. It is scary but, also, exciting. We’ll see what God has planned.