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You know you have Jet lag when…

You sleep during the day and are wide awake at night.

You wake up at 2:30am and can’t fall back asleep until 6am.

You sleep until 2:30pm after not being able to fall asleep until 6am.

Sleeping pills don’t help.

You are wide awake at an hour where no one should be awake unless it is finals week.

You get up and start doing things at random hours of the night because lying in bed is boring, and you want something to do.

You watch as the sun rises, and light enters your room.

You hear your siblings’ alarm clock go off, and you realize that the entire night just passed by without you getting any sleep.

You have a longer than average conversation with God because there is no one else who is up at that hour to talk to.

You go through and organize your photos.

You clean out your inbox.

You finish a long blog entry that you had been putting off.

You work on forms that need to be turned in.

You realize that exhaustion isn’t the issue…it’s that your body clock is just screwy..

You shrug and hope that the sleeping pills will work tomorrow night.

You are willing to try and keep yourself awake for more than 24 hours just so you can attempt to correct your messed up body clock.

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