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Annnnnd we’re off!

Hi all. Just thought that I would post something to let you all know that I am still alive.

We’re about to leave for the Trek. We will be going to Guizhou province for our service project. Guizhou is one of poorest provinces poverty wise, and we’re going to be up in the mountains. A total rural China experience. Apparently the weather forecast is for 0 degrees Celsius and possibly lower. So we’ll be in cold, freezing, and possibly below freezing weather up on a mountain. The place we will be staying has no electricity, little running water, etc. I’m looking forward to it, actually. It will be a break from the city hustle and bustle. We’ll be there for half a week. Not really sure what it is that we’ll be doing. That is completely up to our hosts and what they need done.

After that, we are going to Xi’an for 2 weeks where we will be doing our history presentations and attending our lectures for our history class. Once we take our final, we will be off to Beijing and Shanghai for the remainder of the Trek.

We will be returning to Xiada at the end of March, so we’ll be gone for about a month. I will try to keep you all updated, but since I don’t know when I will have access to the internet (probably in the big cities, and not at all during the service project for sure), it may get even more irregular than my posts already are.


Yup, that’s all I’m taking. My purse, a small duffle, and a backpack. That’s it.

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