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A Fixed Tooth, A Miracle, and a Thank You!

My tooth is fixed!

The inlay

The inlay

The inlay is in place and I don’t have to go back to the dentist until April 15th. Don’t worry, it’s just for a check up on the inlay. They want to make sure that it is fine in 2 months.

When I came out from the back, Tim made my appointment in April for me. Kept it nice and simple. It’s on a Sunday at 1:30pm. I got my money to pay and after a few quick words from the lady at the desk, Tim turned to me and told me that she had said that I don’t need to pay; it’s been taken care of. I looked blankly at Tim for a few seconds while what he just said sunk it. It wasn’t really registering in my head. He turned back to the lady, and the two of them exchanged a few words in Chinese. I took my appointment card, and the two of us left the building. As we walked down the hall, he told me that he had asked her who had done it and that her reply was “foreigners”.

I didn’t know what to say. I still don’t. Except for “Thank you, God.” There isn’t much else that can be said about that. Because of that person’s (those people’s?) generosity, I have money to live off of for the rest of the semester and figuring out how to get money out of my debit card (which, at the moment, is just about impossible) isn’t going to be as imperative a task as it would have been.

I thank you, God, for most this amazing day.

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