The Group

Since I spend basically all of my time with these people, I figure that I’ll introduce you to the CSP Spring 2012 group.

Dr. Jay is our program director. He is great.

Yili (pronounced E lee) is Dr. Jay’s wife. She is so great. Any question any of us have, she will try to answer it for us the best she can.

Tim Jones (currently called “China Tim” by the majority of the group) is the program assistant. The students before us described him as a mixture of a TA and RA. Seriously, this guy is great. He answers our questions if he knows the answers, and if not, he will try to find out. Or he’ll shrug just like the rest of us.

The Girls: Aubrey, Kristen (my roommate!), Stephanie, Sebastiana (“Tiana”), Janelle, Kayli

The Boys: Chase, Tim, Quin, Jesse, Kevin, Will, Daniel, and Colin

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