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Still in Hong Kong

Saturday was our free day. All of us and Tim (the program assistant) took the ferry over to Macau for the day. The way Macau was described to us before we left was that Macau is the Las Vegas of China. So many people. And a lot of casinos.

All of us went to an international church in Hong Kong yesterday. After that, a group of us went to the Botanical Gardens. They were beautiful, but there was so much rain!

Class has been moving super fast. It is a lot to absorb, but I really like it. I like getting to learn Chinese. There is a lot to memorize. But that is true with any language. We have our first quiz for Chinese on Thursday. There is a lot of information to take in. We leave on Wednesday, January 18th for Xiamen.

I’m really enjoying it here and the group I’m here with is great. I’m the baby of the group, which is kind of strange. I’m not used to being the youngest. But it’s kind of fun. I’m not the one that has to make the decisions on where we go or what we do. I let all of them figure it out and I’ll go with them.

Today we had class starting at 8:30am and we ended around 11:30am. Lunch was at 12pm. And I’m am done for the day. Class-wise anyway. I need to get a few hours of studying in, though, so I think I’m going to go do that right now.

Next time I make an update, I’ll be in Xiamen!

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